Rotary Lift

rotary lift logoMore than ninety years ago, Rotary lift became the industry leaders who recognized the need for a hydraulic car lift. Since their beginning, the Rotary product line may have grown in size, but their quality and commitment to user safety has remained as dedicated as ever. It’s no surprise that Rotary remains the leader in customer service and support.


Rotary offers a mixture of auto lifts that meet the needs of its varying customers. Whether you have a need for a simple two-post or four-post lift for your home garage or you service heavy vehicles in a commercial business, you will find a product that works for you. There is an auto lift available to meet your weight or space needs, all manufactured with the same attention to detail and safety for both the worker and the work environment.

Making Rotary lifts even more useful is their extensive list of accessories available. These accessories are also manufactured with the same attention to quality. When you purchase anything with the Rotary brand name on it, you can rest assured that you have a product that will withstand the test of time. This is why Rotary has sold more lifts than any other lift brand in the country.

Green Initiative

Rotary lifts have been designed to create the least amount of environmental upset possible. They have even been allowed in areas that formerly did not allow mechanic car lifts. Why might this be? Rotary lifts are made from recyclable materials, and are incredibly fuel efficient, using up to 75 percent less fuel than other lifts.

The overall environmental footprint allows you to choose between having increased available workspace or adding an additional lift to increase your productivity. Whatever you choose, you can be sure you are helping keep not only your immediate area safe but are also keeping the world as a whole safer.

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