Dannmar Lifts

Dannmar Lifts
You want to know the money you spend on an auto lift is not going to be money foolishly spent. With Dannmar, you can rest assured. For over twelve years, Dannmar has been producing top-quality car lifts that have attained the trust of mechanic shops throughout the country. Both commercial garages and home hobbyists love the three-year guarantee that comes standard with Dannmar products. The company trusts their products, allowing customers to trust them in return.

Dannmar 2 Post Car Lifts

Dannmar two-post lifts come with a variety of weight capabilities. Whether your garage has a high ceiling or you are looking for a two-post lift that will fit into a low-ceiling garage without issue, we can help you out. We offer: Portable Two-Post Lifts (for low ceiling spaces) Symmetric Lifts Asymmetric Lifts

Dannmar 4 Post Car Lifts

Working on heavier vehicles requires a lift that can handle the weight. Dannmar's closed-front heavy-duty four-post lift can safely handle up to 12,000 pounds, enough to allow you to work on a variety of vehicles. The Dannmar four-post storage lifts we carry double your available workspace. This feature is a favorite of hobbyists who like to work on cars in their spare time. It always feels good to be able to have space in your garage for your hobby vehicle as well as the car you drive on a daily basis.

More Options

Maybe you are more interested in a mid-rise scissor lift or the ability to safely lift motorcycles. These needs are covered by the Dannmar mechanic shop lifts we carry. Scissor lifts are great when you work on smaller vehicles such as ATVs or motorcycles. They allow you easy access without having to crawl on the floor. These vehicles are often too small to fit on regular lifts and you may not always have an attachment that works with them. The scissor lift will fit that gap.

Dannmar Lifts for Sale

At Mechanics Outlet, we offer our customers only the best quality products, including our extensive line of Dannmar car lifts. Whether you are looking for a two-post or four-post model, one for a low ceiling or one that will hold a heavier vehicle, we have your needs covered. We also offer easy financing terms to help get your lift to your garage quickly so you can get to work.

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