Corghi Tire machines

Nothing says innovation and quality like Corghi. Whether you’re a professional tire shop or a die-hard auto enthusiast, Corghi produces the best tire machines at some of the best prices. If you aren’t familiar with this Italian giant, discover how this premium brand can reshape your auto shop experience.

Balancing and changing tires can be strenuous and exhausting. If you specialize in tires, you understand the time and energy involved in this process. Whether you choose an automatic or a semi-automatic machine, a Corghi tire machine can add a tremendous amount of value to your tire business or personal garage.

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Search for all the best Corghi products at Mechanic Outlet. There are a variety of professional machines available for all your tire changing needs, with models including:

  • Swing Arm
  • Tilt Back
  • Leverless
  • Touchless
  • Electronic

Each of these basic categories of wheel balancers and tire changers come with the highest quality Corghi engineering. Some machines are designed for passenger vehicles, while others are heavy duty. Whether you specialize in large trucks or small vehicles, you’ll find a machine that is capable of changing tires efficiently.

Consider using a swing arm or tilt back Corghi tire machine if you want a classic and reliable model. Many of these premium machines can be used to balance and change a tire, although some are more specialized for a single use. Innovative technology, such as touchless controls, can completely eliminate all physical effort from the process in a way that’s safe for both you and the tire. Keep expensive wheels intact and free from dents or dings with the ultimate in tire changing technology.

The Best Prices & Mechanic Shop Equipment

Don’t drain your bank account for a new machine. Discover how our competitive financing can get you started right away. Pay no upfront, out-of-pocket expenses for your Corghi products. Once your credit is approved, you’ll also enjoy up to 12 months same as cash financing. With low monthly payments and a tax-deductible business expense, both large and small tire shops and auto shops can enjoy some of the world’s best tire changing technology today.

Shop our extensive selection of Corghi tire machines, or contact us today to learn more about how you can own one of these innovative machines. Whether your business is growing or hitting a bump in the road, a strategic investment with excellent financing can be all you need to offer world-class tire services to all your customers.

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