Atlas Car Lifts

Atlas Car Lifts
The Atlas brand has worked diligently over the years to earn its reputation as one of the top brands in the industry. When you compare an Atlas brand car lift with other auto lifts, you'll find that Atlas lifts often exceed the quality of other brands.

Atlas 2-Post Lifts

Regardless of whether you have a private home garage or you are the operator of a sizeable commercial garage, you will be able to find an Atlas two-post lift that meets your needs. All Atlas 2-Post lifts are engineered to deliver years of reliable service while providing the versatility you require.

Benefits include:

  • 2-post lifts take up much less room than a 4-post lift
  • 2-post lifts leave the entire under-car open to repairs
  • 2-post lifts leave the suspension hanging, making tire changes easier than 4-post lifts

Atlas 4-Post Lifts

Altlas four-post lifts offer a great variety of styles for both commercial and personal use. The four post-lifts are capable of storing vehicles for an extended period, keeping your vehicle safely out of the way while doubling available space. Atlas lifts don't need to be permanently attached to the floor, which allows for you to rearrange your garage as it grows. The four-post lifts also afford owners the ability to keep both working and non-running vehicles free from the ravages of harsh weather and vandals.

Benefits include:

  • 4-post lifts typically feature a 110-volt motor, which doesn't require special wiring to install
  • 4-post lifts can be portable and can also be permanently anchored
  • 4-post lifts make loading and positioning a vehicle much easier than 2-post lifts.
  • Vehicles that have extremely low ground clearance are much easier to load onto a 4-post lift than a 2-post.

ALI Certified

All Atlas Lifts are ALI certified, meeting the highest quality and safety standards set forth by the industry. This certification meets, and often exceeds, building code requirements guaranteeing your vehicles the utmost care.

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