Benefits of Financing Automotive Equipment

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Financing Automotive Equipment

Whether you are just starting out or you have a well established company, business revolves around cash flow. Keeping a positive cash flow means keeping the doors open. Shop equipment such as automotive lifts, tire changers, tire balancers and even specialty tools can be costly and consume that vital cash flow. With financing automotive equipment many cash flow concerns can be reduced or eliminated.

Improve Equipment Quality

Financing automotive equipment or automotive lifts allows your shop to be on the cutting edge of technology. This increases production as equipment will work better and need less repairs without shelling out large sums of cash upfront. Some studies have shown that holding onto equipment for too long actually costs more in repairs and downtime than the cost of purchasing new equipment, essentially reducing the total cost over the life of the equipment.

Pay as You Benefit vs. Pay Before You Benefit

With financing automotive equipment your payments align with the benefits of using the equipment. This allows you to collect revenue as the equipment is being paid off. Alternatively, purchasing the equipment in full may take longer to get the return on your investment and could cut into valuable liquid operating capital.

Regardless of how you purchase your equipment Mechanic Outlet our customer service doesn’t end after the sale. We can advise you on the proper automotive to suit your needs. We partner with installers all over country and we will work with the manufacturers on any warranty issues.

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