Auto Lifts: ALI Certified VS Non-Certified

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What is ALI Certification?

ALI is a third-party organization that began in 1945, they conduct car lift safety verification and certification on behalf of auto lift consumers. Getting an ALI Certified lift is very important to business owners and private users who want to protect employees, property and themselves from potential accidents.

Having a certification authorizes the manufacturer to use the controlled label of the third party on the listed products representing the certified model.

ALI has been granted accreditation for this program from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This will ensure the absolute independence and unquestionable integrity for the program.

ALI Certified Lifts

An ALI certified lift will undergo some intense testing conducted by the nationally recognized testing laboratories. They rigorously investigate for every car or truck lift that applies for certification. They receive the ALI / ETL badge of certification only when an auto lift demonstrates consistently high marks in each category they test.

Non-Certified Lifts

The non-certified lifts will be a lower quality lift that does not have the ALI gold label sticker. The ALI / ETL Certification program is currently voluntary however, some state, federal and local authorities have adopted the standard as a mandatory provision for commercial-use car and truck lift installations.

In some cases, ALI / ETL certification is mandatory. Many lift purchases will be unaware of local ordinances regarding lift certification and they could receive fines or be shut down.

So please check your local ordinances before making a purchase. If you are in the market for a new automotive lift check out our article on auto lift warranties


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