8 Essential Tools for any Mechanic Shop

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Running a mechanic shop can seem like a daunting endeavor when you are just starting out. There are thousands of items you would love to have available, but it isn’t possible to start out with everything, nor is it necessary.

We have compiled a list of some of the most needed tools to have on hand in any mechanic shop. This list doesn’t include the obvious items such as hand tools, a workbench, and toolbox. What is included are items that will make it easy for you to service many vehicles and their most common issues. With these, you can feel confident in your ability to do what needs to be done.

1. Engine Testing Station

This gives you a place to test engines and find out if the problem being experienced is in this part. Engines are heavy, and a testing station gives you a safe, easy place to keep them as you work on a vehicle.

2. Oil Drainer

Having an oil drainer that contains a collection station allows you to do oil changes quickly and without the mess that so often accompanies this task.

3. Floor Jack

Eventually you will want to invest in a jack that can lift the whole vehicle, but as you start out, a good-quality floor jack will be your best friend.

4. 2 Post Car Lift

2 Post Car Lifts are the most useful tool you can have in a mechanic shop. Having one will make quick work of even the toughest auto jobs and, if you have a home shop, the envy of the neighborhood. Two post lifts will undoubtedly save you time and effort.

5. Jump Starter

This handy tool will help you get batteries running and will be used often. Most mechanics can attest to the fact that a weak battery is one of the most often complained about repairs that need to be made, and a quality jump starter is exactly what you need.

6. Diagnostic Tool

You could trust your knowledge of what different problems sound like or use a diagnostic tool like the Autel MaxiDiag to help you quickly find out what repairs need to be made. Time is money, and a diagnostic tool will save you hours of time.

7. Engine Stand

This allows you a safe, clean spot to place engines for either working on or keeping them out of the way for other repairs.

8. Wheel Dolly

Whether you are changing tires to fix a flat, put on different tires for the weather, or need to get to parts inside, a wheel dolly will help you move these all-important items.

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