6 Steps to Make Your Auto Lift Install Easier!

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As you can see in the photo the installers in the photo decided to take more of a caveman, barbaric approach with their auto lift install and made it much harder for themselves in the end. We like to think we have figured out and all but mastered out to properly put together a 2 post car lift as efficiently and easily as possible. The purpose of this blog is to inform people on how to make your life a tad bit easier doing your auto lift install.


Step 1: You may pre-build while the lift is lying on the ground but if you try and put it together then stand it up later you will need a forklift to do so.

Step 2: Take each column and stand them up, you will want to start one column at a time. By standing them up you can put get all the correct measurements and if you are off at all you simply “dance” the column into the correct position.

Step 3: Then use a ladder and place the overhead piece on top and screw it all in and start to run your cables.

Step 4: Drill the holes after you have lined up the columns and start one column at a time, then hammer down the anchors and make sure you level and shim the column.

Step 5: Repeat step 3 on the other column.

Step 6: Fill the reservoir with motor oil and ensure that there is no leakage, as well as put the arm pieces in place and make sure that you install them correctly and that you have the lifts on the locks. I know of somebody working on a lift column and, unfortunately, the locks disengaged breaking his entire foot when the arm piece crashed down.

Hopefully you learned something from this article and we would love to get your input in the comment section below. View more helpful articles in our Toolbox Talks and be sure to check out our great prices on all your auto lift and shop equipment equipment needs.


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