5 Best Car Magazines to Have in Your Auto Shop for 2018

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As the owner of an auto shop in today’s competitive environment, every action you take can provide your business with an edge. Inbound marketing, creating useful content, your website, the way your team treats customers – even the reading material you keep in your waiting room – all provide customers with subtle (and not so subtle) cues as to who you are, what you do and why they should feel comfortable choosing your business to solve their problems.

Here are the five best car magazines you should have in your shop for 2018.

Automotive News

Automotive News is the source for insider information on the automotive industry. With stories on current events in the industry (Hurricane Irma’s impact on South Florida dealers, for example) as well as informative pieces on current and future technologies, Automotive News is an interesting look at the industry for shop owners and customers alike.

Motor Trend

Motor Trend is one of the best magazines for automotive news. From articles about executives in the industry to the latest concept cars and side-by-side comparisons, Motor Trend gives customers information they can use like info on the best new products and highlights from top auto shows from around the world.

Auto Week

Auto Week is another magazine that features automotive industry news but also has a heavy focus on the racing circuit with information on everything from Formula 1 to NASCAR. Auto Week features information on the latest supercars and sneak peeks at upcoming releases from the major auto manufacturers, plus plenty of articles on motoring.

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Road and Track / Car and Driver

When it comes to car and truck magazines, R&T and C&D are the most popular among both consumers and industry insiders. Articles include stories on the latest in hybrid technology to historical perspectives on traffic signals in the 1930s. If you’re in the market for a new car, Car and Driver can help you to do your research on the latest offerings. It’s a great read for car lovers and a must-have for your shop!

Truck Trend

Trucks and SUVs are among the most popular vehicles among consumers, and Truck Trend features news and information on this segment of the industry. Truck Trend is full of news, reviews, tech info and how-to articles for trucks and SUVs.

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