10 Tips to Keeping a Clean and Tidy Auto Shop

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Keeping your auto shop tidy begins with understanding the big picture. From garage layout ideas that acknowledge the areas that might get greasy and oily to carving out spots to stay spotless, we know auto shop organization is not only productive, it helps employees and customers to see how much you care about your business.

These ten tips can help make cleaning an auto garage a snap.

Out Front

Customers are your business’ lifeblood, so make sure the customer areas are always kept clean and inviting. Remember:

  1. Keep the bathroom clean — Auto shops are infamous for unpleasant bathrooms, so strive to ensure your facilities are checked a few times a day, even if you engage a cleaning service; customers expect cleanliness and sanitary bathrooms
  2. Schedule cleaning times — Whether it is the shop manager or a rotating crew from the bays, someone needs to keep the customer waiting area tidy throughout the day; this same concept will apply to the work areas
  3. Hire professional cleaners — A cleaning service to come in after hours can keep the customer area looking great, even if you only schedule them for twice a week

Work Areas

Every mechanic should be responsible for cleaning her or his work area as the work unfolds (tip #4). As tempting as it is to simply leave behind greasy tools, empty equipment boxes or dirty rags to move on to the next paying job, your garage will quickly look shabby very quickly if everyone does so.

When every employee is responsible for her or his own area, nobody can make excuses about being too busy or doing someone else’s job for them.

Here are some other tips:

  1. Keep inventory well stocked
  2. Provide enough hand tools for everyone to prevent wasted time waiting for shared tools
  3. Provide proper tool storage and security, so no hand tools or power tools are lost or stolen
  4. Do not overlook the larger equipment, like floor cranes or air compressors; they need regular cleaning even if they are shared by everyone

Mobile Storage

An ideal way to keep often-used items like oil filters, bolts, springs, trim screws and clevis pins is with mobile storage (Tip #9). Items that are shared among bays can be available to all your mechanics. Mobile storage also helps keep horizontal work surfaces clear, so benches do not get cluttered up with jars, bins, and boxes.

With every mechanic responsible for his or her own work area, you need to ensure they have the tools and equipment they need (Tip #10). Turn to the complete selection of tools, equipment and supplies from Mechanic Outlet.

Whether in search of an 850-piece mechanic’s tool set or just a humble rolling work seat, you will find everything you need to keep your shop clean, productive, and tidy at Mechanic Outlet.

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